BOOT CAMP: This act ion-packed class is never the same, but always a challenge. Class includes quick-paced agility exercises, heart -
pumping cardio drills, fun partner relays, sports conditioning circuits, plyometrics, full-body resistance t raining, hill sprints, stair climbs,
active group games and creative exercise challenges. (Additional fee required.)

BUTTS ‘N GUTS: This high intensity class targets two specific areas. Can you guess which? Join us for this class designed to shape and
sculpt your abs, glutes and back. Balance, core stabilization and muscle specific exercises will tighten and strengthen your core.

CARDIO CIRCUIT/CONDITIONING: A combination of cardio and intense muscle work. Cardio work is choreography free using hurdles,
ladders, cones and jump ropes. Guaranteed to give you a total body workout .

CORE/POWER ABS: You guessed it . This class concentrates solely on your core region. I great complement to any workout .

CIRCUIT TRAINING: The class is based on personal circuits, where you will work each muscle group to fatigue with short bursts of cardio,
followed by short rest periods to bring your heart rate back down. This class will break your muscles down allowing them to come back
stronger and firmer in a short effective time frame. If you are short on t ime, this is the perfect class for you!

DANCE WITH ME: DWM is truly a party with all the important elements for a great cardio workout . Different from any other cardio dance
workout , DWM utilizes all styles of dance, such as Hip Hop, Bollywood, Country, Ballroom, Jazz, African, Hula, Russian, Lat in Styles,
Broadway, Disco, and so much more. There are cardio and toning bursts infused throughout , and the workout is paced so that students of
all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can participate and change their body for the better, for life!

H.E.A.T (High Energy Advanced Training): (45 min) NEW! This intermediate/advanced class combines high intensity interval t raining with
muscle conditioning. Come prepared to work hard and be pushed to your highest potential! Not recommended for beginners.

HOT YOGA: Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a studio that is heated to 95° and has a humidity of 40 percent . Needs for
Hot Yoga: Beach Towel and Plenty of Water!!!

KICKBOXING: This solid workout will enhance your arms, legs and core. You will burn mega calories as you increase your balance and
strength. Move! This is a 60 minute total body workout that includes high- intensity interval t raining, athletic drills and body-mind fusion.
Being consistent is the only requirement for this class!

OSOM to Awesome: You’ve asked for it , and now its here!!! Feel like all of t he classes are tailored for women? Well, not any more! This
class is specifically designed for its namesake: Outta Shape Old Men! Each class will take you from Zero to Hero! Penelope, Brandy and
Gabe will give you a workout tailored for a mans problem places. So if you felt left out of our aerobics program, come check out the
classes made just for you!!!

PILATES MAT: A workout that is relaxing and improves strength, flexibility and creates a body that is long and lean. It is a program that
works for everyone.

POWER-RIDE: Get ready to sweat ! This class offers a combination of strength and endurance t raining through hiss climbs, sprints and
athletic drills. Bike shorts and a water bottle are highly recommended. New participants should arrive 10 minutes early to get properly
fit ted on the bike.

POWER SCULPT: This class includes muscle conditioning for every area of t he body. The intensity is turned up just a bit t o “power up” your
workout . Instructors may use various types of equipment .

RUMBLE: This intermediate/advanced class combines high intensity interval training with muscle conditioning. Come prepared to work hard
and be pushed to your highest potential! Not recommended for beginners.

SENIOR/BEGINNER CIRCUIT: A safe, effective, low impact workout good for all fitness levels.

SENIOR/BEGINNER YOGA: This class is designed to provide fitness and relaxation. Static poses build strength and flexibility while flowing
movements will calm the mind and body.

: A great low impact and moderate intensity workout that combines pat terns on and around the step. May include muscle conditioning
and stretching.

WATER AEROBICS: This is an energetic, fun, shallow water fitness class with low impact , designed for any level of fitness, including
beginners. Get a full-body workout , including cardiovascular, strength abdominal work and a cool down. Class is given in an outdoor
heated pool.

YOGA: You asked for it , we've got it ! The more you work your body, the more you must let it st retch and extend. Enjoy a time of deep
body- focused movement and meditation. Emphasis will be placed on proper breathing, correct body alignment , core stability and increased
muscle awareness. This is a no-impact , progressive workout that builds in intensity as you improve your flexibility. The functional and
integrated nature of movement that your body was born with will be enhanced. Experience the calming and peaceful effects of Yoga for
strength, Yoga for flexibility or Yoga for relaxation.

ZUMBA: Zumba combines high energy and motivational music with unique moves and combinations. It 's a fusion of Lat in and International
music-dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective class.