The YMCA stresses child-oriented attitudes by keeping winning in perspective, having fun, improving physical fitness, and working with the whole child. The YMCA wants the quality of play to improve in order to meet the needs of all participants whatever their ability and skills.

The YMCA accomplishes this by training adult volunteers in clinics and workshops that the child comes first and winning comes second. The key for coaches and parents is to keep winning in perspective. Competition will happen in youth sports without any external pressures. It is important to keep competition at a level appropriate for the athlete. The YMCA would not be whole without its commitment to a Christian emphasis.

The goal of the Youth Sports program is to help the child grow to his/her fullest potential in mind, body, and spirit. Activity helps the body grow; thinking advances the mind; and belief makes our spirit grow.


YMCA sports programs develop more than skills they develop character. We offer a variety of programs for youth, including Soccer, T-ball,  Swim Team, Basketball and Flag Football. Instructors and coaches often parent volunteers emphasize teamwork, skill development, cooperation, and developing good values.

The Y staff looks forward to working with parents to create a positive youth sports experience for all children through the YMCA Character Development and NYSCA programs.

YMCA Character Development is challenging individuals to accept and demonstrate positive values. Our goal is to make our community stronger by helping to instill strong values in its members and participants. The core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility are taught through all YMCA sports. We start with the young because they are the future. And the principles they begin to live by today will shape who they'll become. 



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